Helpful Articles

Helpful Articles

Introducing CYTOPOINT! A Breakthrough Treatment for Itchy Dogs

Does your canine companion show signs of excessive scratching, rolling, rubbing, scooting, licking, or biting? If so, your dog may be suffering from allergies. Even further, from atopic dermatitis – […]

Top 5 Household Toxins for Your Pet to Avoid

We all want the very best for our pets, and we would do anything to ensure their health and safety. Unfortunately, there are many common household products that contain harmful […]

Introducing Feline BRAVECTO® Flea & Tick Treatment

  There’s a new breakthrough in flea and tick prevention for cats, and we provide it at Delavan Lakes Veterinary Clinic. For those of you with dogs, you may have already heard […]

Pets and Porcelain: Is Toilet Water Safe?

Year after year, we are asked the question. Is it safe for my dog or cat to drink out of the toilet? Of course, those asking aren’t thinking of replacing […]

Dog Allergies Can Become a Real Problem

Humans aren’t the only ones who suffer from allergies. Dogs struggle with them just as often as people and even have many of the same triggers. Common causes of year-round dog […]

DNR Warns: Blue-Green Algae Toxic to Companions

Most Wisconsin waters are safe for pets to swim and play in, but the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) advises to avoid water with a surface scum or mat […]

Going to the Vet – 5 Tips for a Stress-Free Visit

Do you recall the last trip you made with your pet to the veterinarian? Was it a struggle to round up Fido, coax him into his carrier, and trust he […]

A New Allergy Medication Option for Dogs

A New Allergy Medication Option for Dogs Excessive licking, chewing, biting, or scratching? Excessive rolling, rubbing, or scooting? Paw chewing, hair loss, recurrent ear problems, or changes in the skin, […]

A New Oral Treatment Guards Against Fleas and Ticks

  We have good news we want to share with you. Our clinic is now prescribing BRAVECTO® (fluralaner), the longest-lasting oral treatment against fleas and ticks. This remarkable product is […]