ProHeart®6: Innovation in Heartworm Prevention

All of Your Family Members Care About Your Dog’s Health

Did you know there is a simple, single-dose injection that can prevent heartworm disease nonstop for six full months? That adds up to a lot of heartworm disease prevention for your dog — and peace of mind for you.

Wisconsin has seen a steady increase in the cases of Heartworm Disease in the past 5 years, with almost double the number of cases from 2014 to 2018.

Heartworm disease in Wisconsin

ProHeart®6 provides a convenient option for heartworm disease prevention. It is a unique sustained-release product that provides six months of continuous protection in a single injection. In addition, ProHeart®6 treats existing immature and adult hookworm infections.

We know that life gets busy for everyone. Forty-nine percent of dog owners miss heartworm medication doses. Just one missed dose of prevention can put your dog at risk. Think about the convenience of not having to treat your dog every single month.

Delavan Lakes Vet Clinic offers innovative products to help keep your dogs and other pets healthy and happy. We are one of the few vet clinics to offer ProHeart®6, which replaces the 12 doses of traditional heartworm medicine with two convenient and affordable injections.

P.S. Did you know heartworm disease has been diagnosed in all 50 states? That’s another reason to rely on ProHeart®6, where one dose gives your dog six full months of protection, even when you’re traveling!

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