Helpful Articles

Helpful Articles

13 Dog Safety Tips for Hunting Season

With the fall weather arriving, so come the potential dangers of the hunting season. If you live in the country, it is time to take some extra precautions to protect […]

Top Halloween Safety Tips for 2018

Halloween is always an exciting time of year, but in order to ensure your dogs and cats remain safe, there are a few special considerations you should keep in mind. We’ve compiled […]

How to Deal with Pet Stress

A simple lick to the face or snuggle on the couch can mean the world to us when we’re sad, lonely, or under the weather. But what happens when our animals experience […]

Lyme Disease & Your Pet: How to Prevent & Treat It

Hooray! The sunny weather has found us again, and it’s time to get active. The only downside is that warmer temps cause fleas and ticks to also become active – […]

Heartworm Symptoms and Prevention

Heartworm Symptoms and Prevention Bzzz…SWAT! We all know that sound; it’s mosquito season again. Insect bites are certainly annoying, but did you know—one bite from a mosquito is all it […]

Pet Have Cabin Fever? Cure It with Indoor Play

Winter can be a challenging time for humans and pets alike. Between the cold, snow, and ice posing potential hazards, it’s easy for you and your cat or dog to […]

5 Pet Hazards to Avoid on St. Patrick’s Day

Top o’ the mornin’ to ya! At Delavan Lakes Vet Clinic, we’re excited for yet another chance to become Irish for a day. It’s a time honored tradition. Each year, […]

Getting Your Cat into the Carrier: A Helpful Guide

Is each trip you take to the vet a dreadful struggle between you and your cat? Is getting your cat into the carrier the most difficult part? Does your feline […]

Top 10 Toxins of 2016

For our pets, many household products contain dangerous toxins if contacted or ingested, leading to a significant number of harmful incidents. In order to better protect your dog, cat, or […]