Bathing, Boarding, and FURminating…OH MY!

Dog and cat owners! Are you pulling your hair out because your pets are shedding theirs all over the house? Rest assured—it’s perfectly normal. Shedding typically occurs twice a year in most breeds. In the spring, animals shed their winter coats for a lighter spring layer. We do the same thing! It sure feels good to put on that spring jacket instead of the big, downy parka. In the fall, animals shed their summer coats in preparation for a thicker, more protective layer of fur… (even though most of our pets spend winter sleeping on the couch or next to the register or fireplace).

Delavan Lakes Veterinary Clinic offers full service bathing for dogs and cats to help you and your pet feel better during shedding season! Regular bathing reduces shedding, promotes skin and coat health, and makes your pet smell and feel great. (It will make you feel great, too—and keep you from following your pet around with the vacuum or broom.) We use high quality shampoos and conditioners, along with a thorough ear inspection and cleaning. Bathing can be combined with other veterinary services while your pet is visiting the clinic.

Cat owner? Cat grooming is a delicate task—and requires veterinary-supervised sedation and trained personnel to keep your cat comfortable and safe during the procedure. You can trust the process and you’ll love the results when you bring your cat to us for bathing.

Reduce Shedding Up to 90% With the FURminator Shed-less Treatment!
What can you do to manage a heavy shedding breed? Bring in the FURminator! We are a certified FURminator Shed-less Treatment provider. The FURminator Shed-less Treatment has been proven to reduce shedding up to 90 percent within one or two treatments! This amazing process uses special FURminator grooming tools and a proprietary de-shedding shampoo and conditioner that helps retards hair growth. The FURminator Shed-Less Treatment will make both long and shorthaired pets look and feel better!  Even more effective with regular treatments every four to six weeks, the Furminator is great for allergy-sufferers and cats with recurrent hairballs.

Did You Know? We Offer Safe, Friendly, Full-Service Boarding!
As your full-service veterinary clinic, we have a large boarding facility on site for your convenience. All dog breeds are welcome, and there’s a separate area for your special cat companion. Rest assured—we give extra care and attention to every pet that boards with us. Cleanliness is a priority and ensures a safe and healthy stay. We are also equipped to board most exotic pets with advance notice. You already know that we treat your companions with the same compassionate care as our own, so the next time you need to board your pet, call us!