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Dental Radiology

New to Delavan Lakes Vet Clinic is digital x-ray technology, just in time for Dental Month. We recently installed the latest state of the art equipment and software to create superior images. The images will be available for our clients to view on touchscreen monitors in each exam room. We like to use digital radiographs for their speed, ease of archival, aiding in greater oral health for your pet.

So much of dental disease, such as periodontal disease, tooth root abscesses, jaw fractures, tumors, etc., occurs below the gumline. Dental radiography is a great tool for veterinary dentistry. Dental radiography allows for diagnosis of certain diseases, assists in planning for the appropriate treatment as well as monitoring for treatment success.

Digital radiography has the advantages over conventional film radiographs:

  • it uses approximately 1/3 of x-radiation to create the image
  • ability to enlarge the image to see small changes
  • increase or decrease contrast to help small lesions show up better
  • archival of images on a hard drive or back-up disc
  • easy retrieval

Digital radiographs are also quicker to take and develop. Usually a radiograph of an area can be “developed” within 3-5 seconds, where dental film radiographs take generally one minute each. Digital radiographs have the added advantage of being easily e-mailed if needed for referral or communication with referring veterinarians.

With all of the extra benefits to you and your pet, don't hesitate to call today to make your appointment for your pet’s dental cleaning!


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