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Common Diseases

Most disease in caged birds is from poor hygiene, malnutrition and stress. Birds tend to hide their symptoms because of their fear and animal instinct to remain in the flock. These are some symptoms that can easily be spotted: eye discharge, color change, or swelling; nostril discharge, blockage, or soiling of feathers around nostrils, and sneezing; loss of appetite; lethargia; change in vocals; weight loss; inability to perch; swollen joints or feet; visible lumps or masses; open-mouth breathing when at rest; and bleeding (always an emergency situation).

About four years ago Noah, the Delavan Lakes Veterinary Clinic Mascot, was on a seed diet and became more and more selective on the seeds he was eating. Because he was not getting the right amount of nutrients, Noah began losing a lot of weight fast. The vets at Delavan Lakes Veterinary Clinic could not diagnose him with anything specifically and concluded that he was becoming lethargic and malnourished because of his picky eating. Noah’s outlook wasn’t to promising, until the vets switched him onto Harrison’s Bird Food. Noah then began gaining weight and becoming a happy bird again and even healthier than before! Harrison’s Bird Food saved Noah’s life and our veterinarians recommend it to all of our feathered patients.

The Delavan Lakes Veterinary Clinic specializes in bird health. If you have any questions about what you are feeding your companion or how its health and well being is, feel free to call and set up an appointment today, (262) 728-8622. Happy chirping!

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