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Bird Owners

Playful squawks, colorful feathers, and bobbing heads are just a few reasons why we love our bird companions. In the animal kingdom, birds are near the top when it comes to smarts; their capacity for learning and inquisitive nature makes them truly mesmerizing companions.

Birds are truly lifelong companions, and, as with any companion, it is important to ensure your bird receives quality veterinary care throughout its life span. Choosing to share your life with a companion bird calls for a long-term commitment. Your bird is reliant on you for food, shelter, exercise/play, and unconditional love. One of the main factors in keeping you companion happy and healthy is good nutrition. Just like us, our companions require proper nutrition to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Birds require a lot of attention, even though they are small and caged. Wellness exams are vital to a bird’s wellbeing and health. Being prey animals, they are very good at hiding illness until it is advanced. Regular wellness visits will also ensure your companion is fit, is receiving necessary preventative care, has a healthy smile, and a good quality of life. If you take proper care of your companion you will be able to experience the unique companionship they can offer.

The experienced and knowledgeable DLVC Veterinarians are dedicated to providing quality and compassionate care for your companion. In our clinic we offer state-of-the-art equipment and advanced services such as radiology, ultrasonography, echocardiology, laser surgery, and have a fully equipped lab, so all of your companion care can be conveniently addressed right meow all under one roof.

In this section you can meet the veterinarians, read about our wellness programs, and learn about common diseases and diet & nutrition.

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