What Are The Benefits of Spaying or Neutering Your Pet?

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) says “The single most important thing that we can do to save [our companions] from all the suffering and death that their overpopulation causes is to spay and neuter them.” Over 7 million adorable dogs, cats, and rabbits are killed in animal shelters in this country every year. The most important thing to know about spaying and neutering is that it saves lives.

Spaying and neutering makes a big difference:

  • In six years, one female dog and her offspring can produce 67,000 puppies
  • In seven years, one female cat and her offspring can produce 370,000 kittens
  • In six years, one female rabbit and her offspring can produce 125,000 bunnies

What is the spay and neuter procedure?

  • Spaying is a general term used to describe the ovariohysterectomy of a female animal. It is the surgical removal of the ovaries and uterus of a female pet requiring minimal hospitalization and offering lifelong health benefits.
  • Neutering is a general term used to describe the castration of a male animal. It is the surgical removal of the testicles of a male pet vastly improving behavior and the instinct to wander.
  • Anesthesia is used during surgery, and mild pain medication is generally given afterward for both spay and neuter procedures to make the animals more comfortable during their routine recovery.

When can my companion be spayed or neutered?

Both procedures can safely be performed at as early as 8 weeks of age according to the American Humane Association (AHA), but we at Delavan Lakes Veterinary Clinic recommend your companion be 3 months old. The AHA is a “strong advocate of juvenile or pediatric spay/neuter since it is both healthy for pets and effectively reduces pet overpopulation.” Your pet will actually be healthier if it never sexually matures.

What are the risks?

Spay and neuter surgeries are the most commonly performed animal surgeries. Most animals experience relatively little discomfort and are back to their normal activities within a day or two.

6 Benefits to Spaying and Neutering

  1. Having your pet spayed or neutered ensures that you will not be adding to the approximate 3.7 million animals that are euthanized at shelters each year, because there are not enough willing adopters.
  2. Spaying females prior to their first heat cycle nearly eliminates the risk of breast cancer and totally prevents uterine infections and uterine cancer.
  3. Neutering males prevents testicular cancer and enlargement of the prostate gland, and greatly reduces their risk for perianal tumors.
  4. Spaying eliminates the stress and discomfort that females endure during heat periods.
  5. Neutering makes males far less likely to roam or fight.
  6. Altered animals are less likely to contract deadly, contagious diseases—like AIDS, herpes, and leukemia, that are spread through bodily fluids.

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