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The Benefits of Pet Insurance

Does your pet boost your spirits when you’re feeling down or give you companionship when you feel alone? The answer is almost always a resounding…yes!

Not only are pets good for our mental health, but they have a positive effect on our physical health as well. The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) has even listed actual health benefits pet owners can enjoy such as:

  • Decreased blood pressure
  • Decreased cholesterol levels
  • Decreased triglyceride levels
  • Increased opportunities for exercise and outdoor activities

Heck, dogs can even play a pivotal role in the world of dating!

Because we as pet owners know there are benefits to having furry, feathery, or scaly companions, we believe they should have benefits like pet insurance to ensure they stay healthy too.

Anyone with children can tell you that accidents happen, and a visit to the emergency room can be very expensive. Luckily, we have insurance to help alleviate some of that burden. Now many companies offer health insurance for pets as well.

The benefits of pet insurance can be good for your pocket book, but more importantly, good for your pet’s health.

is pet insurance worth it

Is Pet Insurance Worth it?

Roughly 61% of pet owners purchase gifts for their pets during the holidays. Gifts such as toys, clothes, and treats. Our pets are becoming more and more like members of our family, and we show them we truly care about their happiness by giving them gifts.

Compare that to the roughly 12% of pet owners who have taken out a health insurance policy on their pets for health and medical expenses.

We love to see their joy and excitement, and the way they interact with their favorite things. The wag of their tails or their soft purr is so worth the money spent. So, why don’t we spend a little more on ensuring their health is taken care of?

You might ask yourself, is pet insurance worth it?

Due to the advances in veterinary medicine, the costs of procedures for our pets is going up. Even something as simple as a tooth extraction can cost up to $1000 today.

Depending on the age, breed, and size of your pet, insurance can start at around $35 per month depending on the provider and how much coverage you choose. That’s only $420 annually. Even with a $250 deductible you would be saving $330 for the year on the tooth extraction, alone.

Compare that with the possible thousands of dollars you might need to come up with out-of-pocket to cover emergencies, routine procedures, and wellness visits each year over your pet’s lifetime.

Some companies like Nationwide even cover the costs of holistic and alternative care under their policy.

There is usually a deductible and a total annual benefit for each plan, but the possible savings to you and, more importantly, your pet’s life far outweigh the monetary costs.

Best pet insurance companiesBest Pet Insurance Companies

You can check with your preferred provider to see if they offer pet insurance, and many of the same companies we use to insure ourselves and belongings also offer policies to cover our pets’ health. Allstate, GEICO, and Nationwide are just a few that offer pet health insurance.

There are also specific pet insurance companies. Here is a helpful guide to some of the top companies that offer pet insurance.

Nationwide is the first and largest pet insurer in the U.S. With their plan, you can visit any vet, anywhere, submit your claims via their mobile app, and reimbursement goes straight to your bank account when you sign up for electronic payments.

Their plans start at $35 per month and include coverage for the following:

  • Accidents & injuries
  • Common illnesses
  • Serious illnesses
  • Chronic conditions
  • Hereditary conditions
  • Diagnostics & imaging
  • Procedures & surgeries
  • Holistic & alternative care
  • Specialty & emergency care
  • Wellness

*Check plan details for specific coverage.

For questions about health insurance for your pet, or questions about your pet’s general health contact Delavan Lakes Vet Clinic online or call us at 262.728.8622

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