New Digital Radiology System at DLVC!

Delavan Lakes Veterinary Clinic has just installed a new state-of-the-art digital radiology system (DR) that offers huge advantages over the traditional, analog x-ray machines found in most vet clinics and doctors’ offices. The new system revolutionizes the x-ray process for your companions and makes it easier on you as well. Here’s why:

• A Flexible Table! Your pet is placed on a floating x-ray table that can move in four different directions. This helps easily position them for their x-ray and reduces stress and anxiety.

• No More Darkroom! The x-ray technician stays in the room during the x-ray to help keep your pet safe and comfortable.

• Super Fast Results! Images are ready in less than six seconds. Technicians use a touch-screen monitor to select the x-ray options they want. The digital x-ray images go directly to the clinic computer and then appear on the monitor in the exam room for viewing.

• Fewer Retakes! There’s no more waiting for films to process and develop. With such quick processing, if a retake is desired, it can be done while the animal is still on the table.

• Better Quality! Digital images are extremely highDog X-ray resolution, and can be enhanced, zoomed, and manipulated for optimal viewing. They also offer improved soft tissue visualization for better diagnostic evaluations.

• Easy to Share! Your pet’s digital x-ray images can be viewed on the new 24” monitors in each exam room just minutes after they are taken. No more anxiously waiting for the results. Your vet can show you the images and help you really see and understand your pet’s condition. With the images right there, you can discuss treatment options and any follow-up care required. If needed, we can instantly transfer the files to a vet specialist or radiologist for further review.

• Less X-Ray Exposure! Digital radiology reduces the x-ray exposure by 50% for your pets and the veterinary staff.

Digital radiology means less waiting time for you, less time on the table for your pet, faster, more accurate diagnosis and treatment, and less environmental waste. Thanks to the high resolution, we can easily see and treat injuries and illnesses in all pets—from a Great Dane to a pet bird. Our new x-ray technology is just one more reason why Delavan Lakes Veterinary Clinic offers the latest in quality, compassionate care all under one roof.

Taking a cat x-ray