Feliway® – Best Behavior Starts Here

  • A tail straight up in the air, with a relaxed flick of the top of the tail
  • Lots of affection, including rubbing against your legs or cuddling in your lap
  • A high pitched “MEOW!” while chatting with you
  • A healthy appetite
  • Lying on its back with four paws stretched out
  • Being curious and playful like a kitten

Cats are at their most loving and well behaved when they feel safe and in control of their environment.

When they feel this control, they will carefully mark their home using facial marking via the release of pheromones. This release happens each time a cat rubs its face against furniture or nuzzles up against your legs.

It’s not possible to have a conversation with your cat about feelings, but there are ways to identify if your cat is happy and relaxed or stressed and upset.

Recognizing these signals will help you increase your cat’s feeling of security and will increase its show of love and affection to you and your entire household.

  • Hiding
  • Scratching
  • Spraying
  • Loss of appetite
  • Over-grooming
  • Low activity

There are many things that can cause a cat stress.

Even small changes in your home can upset your cat.  Activities such as moving, redecorating or rearranging furniture disrupt your cat’s normal routine which is upsetting and stressful. That stress can lead to unhappy behavior such as less interaction with you, hiding, general mischief or even scratching or urine spraying.

Using a Feliway® product can help your cat feel more safe and secure during times of change.

Place a Feliway diffuser in the area your cat frequents the most to help them to adjust more easily to any changes going on. You can also spray Feliway on new furniture to “mark” it as safe.

Ask your vet about other ways Feliway can help your cat.