Chevy’s Adventure at the FURminator

Hopping into the car, I knew that today was going to be an adventure. As we pulled up to the Delavan Lakes Veterinary Clinic, I was on my best behavior. I leapt right out of the car and walked my owner up to the doors. I did not mind that I was at the vet because today I was going to be FURminated!

I met April, a certified FURminator Shed-less Treatment provider, and it was friendship at first sight. April reassured my owner that the FURminator Shed-less Treatment has been endorsed by Veterinarians who understand the importance of maintaining  a happy and healthy pet. I could not believe my eyes! All of my winter undercoat was coming off! No more licking and getting fur stuck to my lips. No more terrifying vaccumes chasing me around the house. No more “Get off the couch!” And it felt great!

I was probably the happiest pup in the world at this point. Undercoat… gone! Which means less cleaning time for my owners and more play time for good ol’ Chevy!

Then came the bath… April tried explaining that it was only water, but let’s face it, no dog likes getting a bath. And I am no exception to this! April used a high quality shampoo and conditioner (which is their TOP secret method), along with a thorough ear inspection and cleaning, and she even clipped my nails.

But just when I thought I was beginning not to enjoy this vet visit, April brought out the blow dryer! I loved the warm air blowing at my clean fur so much that I leaned into April to show my appreciation. It felt so nice. Then afterwards I was brushed again. I looked about 10 dog years younger! My owner was even impressed!

Chevy's Adventure at the FURminator

April told me how wonderful I was and thanked me, I was sure to thank her also. One of my owners will now be able to breathe easier after I had the FURminator Shed-Less Treatment. Thanks to my clean ears, I over heard April telling my owner that reducing the amount of pet hair in your environment also reduces the amount of dander and airborne elements that cause allergic reactions in many people. I pulled my owner straight out the door and couldn’t wait for all the neighborhood dogs see the new and improved Chevy!