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Keeping Your Rabbit Healthy: What You Need To Know

Giving your rabbit daily attention and handling and a healthy diet and exercise can prevent many diseases. But even though we take care of our little thumpers, there are common illnesses and diseases that can occur. read more...

Senior Wellness Programs for Pets

Because our companions age faster than we do, they develop diseases and conditions in a short period of time and conditions progress much faster. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), 30 million pets are older than 8 years of age, and we know that their health care needs are much more intensive than a middle-aged healthy adult. Because of this, it is recommended to enroll your pet in a Senior Wellness program. According to the AVMA, companions are considered to be “senior” at 7 years of age. read more...

The Benefits of Laser Surgery

Is your new kitten climbing up your drapes, scratching the furniture, and clawing you and your family? If you are thinking about declawing your kitten or cat, laser surgery may be an option for your soon-to-be cuddly companion! Laser surgery is ideal for a number of reasons, more specifically because there less pain, bleeding, and swelling. read more...

February is Pet Dental Health Month

February is Pet Dental Health month. Most pet owners don’t realize the importance of their pet’s dental health, but did you know that oral disease is the most commonly diagnosed health problem for pets? read more...

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