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Every month we will be offering great specials and promotions on the quality products that you’ve come to expect from Delavan Lakes Veterinary Clinic. Here are the specials:


Vectra 3D Canine and Vectra Feline — Buy 6 doses and get 3 free, buy 3 doses and get 1 free.


Heartgard – Buy 12 doses, get $12 rebate.


K-9 Advantix – Buy 6 doses and get 2 free, buy 4 get 1 free.


Frontline Plus – Buy 3 doses, get one free. OR buy 6 doses and get 2 free.


Bravecto - Buy 2 doses and get a $15 rebate OR buy 4 doses and get a $35 rebate.


Revolution Feline - Buy 6 doses and get 2 free, OR buy 9 doses and get 3 free.


Previcox – Buy 15 count and get a $5 rebate, buy 30 count size and get $12 rebate, OR buy 60 count and get $20 rebate.


Rimadyl – $10 off your first purchase of any bottle.  Also a new rewards program for refills.


Deramaxx - Buy 30 count and get a $15 rebate, buy 60 count, get $30 rebate, or buy 90 count and get $45 rebate.


Questions? Call us at (262) 728-8622 or stop in. We’ll be happy to help!

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